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Time immemorial, life has dealt treacherously with the woman.
Decade upon decades, humanity treated the woman with ignominy.
But not anymore! The Creator had a purpose for creating the woman. She was created with a divine intent and never was she a mistake as many as been made to believe. Neither was she a misstate as many were made to believe or an object of abuse and misuse as has been simulated all across culture, race, and ages.
The time has come! The time is now!! For every woman to take her rightful place in the agenda of the Creator. Every girl, daughter, sister, mother and or wife is here on the earth for a definite purpose!!! She is a creature of dignity, an embodiment of grace and wonderful spice of life; she is the crown of creation!
Hey girl, you have the Father’s favour. No more limitations and you don’t have to settle for less! Christ already paid the full price!! You cannot afford to live under suppression and oppression anymore, because whosoever the Son sets free is free indeed. The price is already paid, come and carry your goods. Your inheritance awaits your demand!
We welcome you with great joy and deep love in our hearts to the TOTAL WOMAN FOUNDATION. Your heritage in God is TOTAL Blessing! Nothing Missing!! Nothing Broken!!!
Please browse through carefully, we know you have a story to tell. It is time to arise to occupy where you belong; there is a place fit perfectly for you to make a difference in your generation!
God’s Best,
Roseline Oluwaseeki

Who we are

The Total Woman Foundation exist to restore the woman to her place of purpose as originally intended! This all inclusive vision was born through in an intense desire to see women all across races, culture, age and background set free from the spiritual, economic, mental, financial and social chains that has held many bound for years.
The Total Woman Foundation is birthed out of a deep burden and passion to see women from all walks of life liberated and restored. We exist to resource women towards wholeness, spirituality and fulfilment by making a difference in their lives, one woman at a time.
Amongst other things, we deal with issues relating to women abuse already out of hand, as well as offering and carrying out such projects as Humanitarian Visitations such as Hospice, Orphanage and Prison Visitations, the Destiny Daughters School Campaign against sexual abuse and perversions in high schools, Guardian and Counselling sessions to alleviate the pain of many through our one-on-one sessions.
Our aim is to join force with the nation and our community in empowering women and in enlightening our younger women about the danger of pre-marital sex, sex without protection and sexual abuse as well as the benefit of abstinence.
We also join hands together with other organisations we have identified as core to achieving this great cause in order to preserve the future destiny!
As an organization that is dedicated to resourcing and supporting the emotional, spiritual, physical and economic needs of women, young girls and children, we plan to provide rehabilitation facilities for prostitutes, abused women and pregnant teenagers, and children.
Let’s join hands with one another, one woman at a time; resourcing her for wholeness, spirituality and fulfilment.
“And of some have compassion, making a difference:” (Jude 1:22)

Our Objectives

  • Training, equipping and resourcing women of all ages, races, cultures and background with accurate truth and knowledge that allows them to harness their full potentials so they can be who they are designed to be.
  • Developing supportive spiritual, mental, social, financial and physical structures that empowers them to stand tall in the society.
  • Creating a ‘safe place’ to log into where someone is always there to give a helping hand.
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